Sunday, October 25, 2009

she is emerging.....

"She is Emerging"
mixed media on wood
24" x 24"

As many of you know...I was adopted. I was told from day one that I was adopted. I think this was an effort by my adopted parents to keep it out in the open and not a big deal. But, it some ways....I think it was a constant reminder that I was different and didn't quite fit in. I think those who are not adopted, take for granted that they have family that they resemble. They can see where they came from... I didn't have that. My adoptive mother fell seriously ill when I was 7 years old, and it progressed to a complete vegetative state by the time I was 19. Losing her at such an early stage in my life, caused me to search for love and trust in everyone else...and not myself. Needless to say...I met some people who took advantage of my insecurities and hurt me terribly. It led me to put up walls...not let people in...and hold it deep inside for a very long time. This painting is about finally breaking down those walls, and letting special people into your life. Some of those people are new in my life, and some are old...but slowly they helped me take down those walls and trust again. In the process, I learned that it wasn't anyone else that I needed to trust or was me. I needed to love and trust myself...

and you know what...the minute I did...magical things started to happen....

and a whole new glorious, incredible, beautiful world opened up, filled with unconditional love.

This is the first painting of the new transitional series. It's called, "She is Emerging". I hope everyone will find their own story in the painting.

All My Love,


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