Saturday, November 7, 2009

oh what a night........

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out to Blu last night for my show. I had the time of my life, so much love and positive energy. Special thanks to Jayson, Mykal, Erin and Nancy of guys are the best. And to my great friends, Casey, Michael and M...who all surprised me by coming out to share my special night. Thank you all so much!!!! I promise to post more pictures of the show soon.

But, I wanted to share my cool octopus Henna Tattoo. It was done by Ann George of Spirit Vision. She did it at the Midnight Sun at 5 Points in Jacksonville a couple of hours before my show. I was a little stressed out because of all the last minute preparations before the show. But, the henna tattoo was so relaxing. She uses lots of essential oils in the henna paste that make it smell wonderful. This photo was taken a few hours after, and the paste was cracking...but it's still a cool effect. Today, all the paste has flaked off and the tattoo is a pretty brown on my skin and continuing to darken. It can last up to three weeks. I have to admit it's so cool...I'm almost ready to let go of my fear of needles for the real deal.Pin It