Thursday, November 26, 2009

she can see clearly now....

"She Can See Clearly Now"
mixed media on wood
36" x 36"

Someone from Japan posted the comment below, on my YouTube Channel about the video for my new painting.

"Your original idea is amazing!
I can't understand why that glasses are octopus.
But... I feel your caring about details, and it have fantasy like witchery.
You are so wonderful artist!!!!
Sorry, I'm not good at English. However, just I would like to tell you my impression."

First of all...I am thrilled that someone from Japan is interested in my art and videos! My close friends all know that the #1 place that I want to visit and show my work, is Tokyo! And to hear that I have "fantasy like witchery" gives me the goosebumps in such a good way.

But, I felt a greater need to share a little more about how my ideas develop into paintings.

Usually, they are twofold. Something sparks the visual idea...and then it is further developed to correspond with my emotions both from the present and past. In this case, my daughter's new glasses were part of the visual. Her wonderment of seeing the world, in such a new way sparked deeper emotions that I had been feeling lately.

I believe that we have a lesson to learn from each and every person we meet in life. Sometimes they are small lessons...sometimes life changing. Here's a small lesson that I learned recently that could be life changing in my art.

I have a friend who is a attorney and a painter. And although he doesn't know it...he is a very good painter. I've tried to tell him over and over that his work is accomplished enough to show in major galleries. He has had no formal training in therefore doesn't think it is good enough. Recently, he showed me a painting that he had been struggling with for a while. He wanted to completely start over. I spent a lot of time understanding what he wanted to accomplish and finding technical solutions to help. The techniques were new and different for him, but things I use everyday in my work. He was very grateful for the knowledge I had shared. At the time, I considered my role as merely teaching a fellow artist some techniques.

The next day, I began working on a new painting. I found myself questioning my every move. Instead of sticking with my tried and true painting techniques...I experimented and took chances with different techniques. It wasn't that the techniques were revolutionary...I had just forgotten to use them. I too...had a lesson to learn from my friend. Our conversation regarding techniques had jogged my memory! His enthusiasm and gratitude inspired me to think a little more outside the box of "Wyanne's tried and true techniques" and take some bigger chances. It was an extremely rewarding day of painting, and I felt it could have a huge positive impact on my work in the future.

I was surprised at the lesson that I learned from my friend. It made me wonder....How often do we get so accustomed to the way things are around us? It's almost like we are in our own comfort zone, and boxed in at the same time. Our focus is limited, and other things can seem foggy.

If you look up "octopus symbolic meaning" on find a very long list. Focus, magic, creativity, complexity, intelligence...just to name a few. For me...the octopus symbolizes the people in my life who teach me valuable lessons.

This painting is about stepping beyond your comfort zone. Letting yourself see the world differently...and allowing yourself to experience the world differently. I hope you will learn a little something from my ramblings today. And I really hope that the painting will help you step outside the box...whether it's with your art or your life. Look beyond your comfort zone...look outside the box....challenge yourself and experience new things. Pay attention to every person and the lesson's they will teach just never know....

Much love and gratitude,

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