Wednesday, January 27, 2010

awake.....night owl no more....

Acrylic & Resin on Panel

This is my latest finished painting. It's titled, "Awake". Because as you know, most owls are nocturnal...and it's a bit odd to find an owl awake in a kaleidoscope of flowery branches. But, not in Wyanne's world, of course. I started this painting one day, while waiting on another painting to dry. I was at the downtown Blue Door studio, and didn't have a regular canvas or wood panel. So, I found a gesso board, and started this little guy on it. I have a thing for owls. It's not so much the actual bird species, but more the retro owl image from the 1970's. Owls were all around me growing up. To this day, my 85 year old aunt still has the salt and pepper shakers that I played with as a child. I found them on Etsy from The Owl Lady.

And my mom used to carry around this bag by Enid Collins.

So, that's a little about my fascination with the retro owl. I, definitely a night owl. I don't get in a good groove until after 3pm. I think a lot of artists can relate. This is not good when you have children. So, over the years, I've forced myself to get up early and be more of a day person. Actually, I've had help....Danny has brought me coffee in bed every morning for the past 21 years (is that not incredible?). So between the caffeine, the love, and 2 kids who's schedules require them to be at school at an unbelievable hour....this night owl is awake.

Here's a new video for you!

Thanks for all your love,

PS. Happy 21st Super Bowl Sunday(the day we met) to Danny! Thanks for putting up with me all these years and always bringing me coffee in bed. You are the best.Pin It