Wednesday, June 23, 2010

pressures, expectations and painting

 "Cloudy Day" - giclees available at Etsy

 I don't know about other mom's out there...but at my house, we're I'm having a little bit of a problem adjusting to summer vacation. Kids are home 24/7.  My business and studio is from home at least 8+/6.  We have camps, trips, and activities planned...but not for every day.  So things are a bit bumpy.  Kids are bored and allergic to chores.  I'm already wondering how I'm going to survive it.  As I write this...I've been interrupted 6 7 8  times. I feel guilty that I can't just quit my business for the summer and take it off with them.  And then I feel double guilty because I would miss painting too much.  To make things worse...I know that when we finally get in a summer will start back up and we'll have a whole new adjustment time.  I've been wondering how other home based creative types manage it?  Especially artists...who need their studio time.  Danny tells me that I get wacky if I don't have my "creative" time. (I thought I was wacky all the time.)  No seriously...I know he's right.  It's a part of me...just like my kids....and I couldn't survive without either.

I had a 3 hour shift today at Blue Door. With 9 different artists there, we take turns watching the galleries and studios.  It was a nice escape from the house. I was able to work on a smaller painting.  This is it in progress with the first coat of resin.

Getting away from the house was good.  Just the little bit of painting that I was able to do today...grounded me.  It took away my stress and gave me answers to a lot of my problems contrasts. I was really hoping to have the painting finished for you this week, complete with video.  But, not sure if that's going to happen or not.   What I did is no one standing over my shoulder telling me that I HAVE to have the painting finished this week.  I don't have a boss.  What a blessing!  A friend once told me that I have the greatest boss in the world.  Yet, at the same time it can be a curse.  You can end up putting too many pressures and expectations on yourself.  I'm guilty of this most of the time.

When I got home today... My email box was still overflowing, I have shipments to get out, three commission paintings to finish, a studio to finish organizing, Etsy listings to put up, Blue Door inventory to complete, the new Mixed Media Resin class to work on, not to new painting and YouTube video that needs to be finished.  But, I did have a semi-neat house courtesy of my two kids, who happened not to kill each other or inflict bodily harm on each other while I was at the gallery. 

I took a deep breath...and remembered how blessed I am.  Clicked my heels....and told myself...there's no place like long as you remember to create.

It will all get done when it's supposed to get done.  No worries...just more PAINTING.

Here's a video from one of my favorite artists and people...Andy Dooley.  Hope you enjoy it.  You should check out his site, artwork and blog.  Great stuff.

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  1. I feel for you, Wyanne. I had 5 kids with only about 2 years apart in ages (what was I thinking?!) I don't know how I did it. But you're right --you are your own boss, and you have to adjust your art life with real life, but it will work out. I'm off to check out the video. Love my print of yours that I won :)

  2. Can't believe you're not getting the "I'm BORED" yells from the kids, I know I am!
    Can't wait to see the finished painting!

  3. Your life is lovely. Your paintings are lovely. Time will pass and you will be an empty nester like me and you will still be overwhelmed and not have enough time for it all!!
    I can't wait to see your next video. I love everything you paint!!
    Oh, thanks for watching my little video and stopping by! I"m now having a give-a-way so pop on over and enter to win. It's a soldered pendant of the winner's artwork!! Yay, art you can wear:-)

  4. My favorite advice (which i never follow of course) is Whatever you can put off until tomorrow, DO. Then the question is what on the list is eligible? Well, the answer to that is: "If you didn't get it done, who if anyone would notice, or care?" Choose the ones that are not yourself! Easy breezy? no, but sometimes it works in prioritizing....when i choose to follow my own advice! :)

  5. I LOVE your new painting-in-progress! We've still got a couple of weeks left of the school term but I get a double whammy because my husband's a teacher so I feel so guilty if I go and paint during the holidays. I know I shouldn't feel like this but I do. Thank you for this post and for being honest about being a mum and an artist, I've found this really inspiring. :) xx

  6. My problem is I don't seem to push myself enough. If I didn't fell the need to post my artwork on my blog, half of my paintings still wouldn't be finished today. It's so easy for me to get distracted with other stuff. But maybe that's because I don't have a studio to go to, just my kitchen table that is not very inspiring to say the least.
    I don't have kids yet so I have no idea what you're going through. But like with all things you just need a little time to adjust.
    Great paintings! :)

  7. I feel the same way as you. It's hard to be disciplined when you have a little one whose main motto is, "Mom". lol. I just try to remember that I am lucky that I get to stay home and work..but that I should really be grateful for the additional time I get with my son while hes growing up because most parents dont get that. It's not always easy, but I try to create whenever I can...because I, like you, get wacky if I don't :) Hope the groove shows up soon for you guys!

  8. Hi Wyanne.. Jan here so sorry to hear your are need a twin so you can be in two places at one time..wouldnt that be cool..however i am thrlled you always find time to create and paint..I just wanted to say a BIG thanks for the print that i won from you it arrived here in the UK today and i was so happy a created a video to express my gratitude to is the link HUGS and BLESSINGS to you Janet

  9. I completely and totally understand your pain. My son is seven and he is a pistol. And he Does Not Play Well With Others,so camps are dicey at best. I do my jewelery as a full time business, too -- but when do I find time now? Add to that at least a full-blown migraine once a week that makes me retreat to my bed at least one day....

    But I don't know any other life, and I would never go back to a 9-5 job, either~!

    (BTW, going to go favorite your shop right now! We're building an addition to the house (just to add some extra chaos to the summer) and we'll need new pretty things for the walls!)

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