Wednesday, June 23, 2010

pressures, expectations and painting

 "Cloudy Day" - giclees available at Etsy

 I don't know about other mom's out there...but at my house, we're I'm having a little bit of a problem adjusting to summer vacation. Kids are home 24/7.  My business and studio is from home at least 8+/6.  We have camps, trips, and activities planned...but not for every day.  So things are a bit bumpy.  Kids are bored and allergic to chores.  I'm already wondering how I'm going to survive it.  As I write this...I've been interrupted 6 7 8  times. I feel guilty that I can't just quit my business for the summer and take it off with them.  And then I feel double guilty because I would miss painting too much.  To make things worse...I know that when we finally get in a summer will start back up and we'll have a whole new adjustment time.  I've been wondering how other home based creative types manage it?  Especially artists...who need their studio time.  Danny tells me that I get wacky if I don't have my "creative" time. (I thought I was wacky all the time.)  No seriously...I know he's right.  It's a part of me...just like my kids....and I couldn't survive without either.

I had a 3 hour shift today at Blue Door. With 9 different artists there, we take turns watching the galleries and studios.  It was a nice escape from the house. I was able to work on a smaller painting.  This is it in progress with the first coat of resin.

Getting away from the house was good.  Just the little bit of painting that I was able to do today...grounded me.  It took away my stress and gave me answers to a lot of my problems contrasts. I was really hoping to have the painting finished for you this week, complete with video.  But, not sure if that's going to happen or not.   What I did is no one standing over my shoulder telling me that I HAVE to have the painting finished this week.  I don't have a boss.  What a blessing!  A friend once told me that I have the greatest boss in the world.  Yet, at the same time it can be a curse.  You can end up putting too many pressures and expectations on yourself.  I'm guilty of this most of the time.

When I got home today... My email box was still overflowing, I have shipments to get out, three commission paintings to finish, a studio to finish organizing, Etsy listings to put up, Blue Door inventory to complete, the new Mixed Media Resin class to work on, not to new painting and YouTube video that needs to be finished.  But, I did have a semi-neat house courtesy of my two kids, who happened not to kill each other or inflict bodily harm on each other while I was at the gallery. 

I took a deep breath...and remembered how blessed I am.  Clicked my heels....and told myself...there's no place like long as you remember to create.

It will all get done when it's supposed to get done.  No worries...just more PAINTING.

Here's a video from one of my favorite artists and people...Andy Dooley.  Hope you enjoy it.  You should check out his site, artwork and blog.  Great stuff.

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