Tuesday, August 3, 2010

love shy.....

Love Shy
mixed media layered resin
8" x 8"
original & giclees available at Etsy

I was really shy growing up.  And it really wasn't until the past few years that I started outgrowing that shyness.  I guess some who know me might still think I'm shy, but now I'm more of an observer.  I take notice of all going on around me. I enjoy watching people talk, and interact.  You can really learn a lot that way. Especially about loving shy and loving big

Now, I've  found that there are two ways to love shy.  The first (and what my new painting is about) is when you fall for someone from a distance...and you're a little nervous to get to know them.  That's a sweet, innocent love, and what I wanted to capture in the painting.  The second type of loving shy...isn't so sweet.  It's actually quite wimpy.  It's when you are too scared not to be in control of your feelings.  So, you hold back.  When you go to hug hold your love back, like not wanting to demonstrate it too much.  It's almost like we're scared to lose some part of ourselves.  I have been guilty of that for years, mostly from being so shy. 

In contrast to someone who loves BIG!  My 80 year old Aunt Catherine and my best friend both love BIG.  You can tell in their hugs.  When I get a hug from either one of's like a huge warm wave just engulfed you.  I feel safe, I feel happy and there is no doubt how much they love me.  It's exhilarating!  They don't think about it when they love big...they just do it.  I am really, really trying to be more conscious of loving big.

One thing I've found is that it's very similar to painting.  

If you paint shows in your work. You second guess yourself and hold back.  The work generally comes out stiff and boring.  Just like when you give those love shy hugs.  And it's easy to be forgotten.  

Loving Big and Painting Big are almost one and the same.  Now, when I say "Paint Big"...I don't mean in terms of size.  I mean in the way you "think" when you paint.  And the key is to really not think at all...or at least too much.  Just do it.  Dive into it just like you were going to give someone a great "Love Big" bear hug!  There's no right way or wrong way.  Just trust yourself and feel the love.  Enjoy it.  Don't think about it.  Don't worry if this color should go here or there...or if this is in proportion to that.  Just feel it and feel the love of what you are creating.  What magically happens is all that love and energy is engulfed into your painting and creation for everyone to experience.  And this I know as fact.

I hope you enjoy the new video.

Remember...don't think about it...just do it...


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