Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Painting Free Online Class - Sept. 13-Oct. 20th

Free: (adjective)

being without hindrance or constraint; released from burdens or worry; not blocked or impeded; generous in spirit.

PAINT+FREE= your own UNIQUE style

I receive numerous emails from artists who are struggling to find their own unique style.  They take lots of classes, but cannot seem to break away into something that is uniquely their own.  We get so caught up in gaining knowledge that we forget that we are the boss, the creator of our own work. If you look through the internet you find so much art that all looks the same.  As a painter, how do you find your own style? For some people, it comes naturally.  But, for others we seem to be influenced by classes we taken or other artists that we admire.  You almost become a sponge soaking it all in, unable to produce any work that doesn't reflect someone else's work in some way.  This class is designed to share with you techniques that I have learned over the years to help you paint with more freedom.  You'll discover how to mentally, emotionally and creatively let go, as well as the actual painting techniques to accelerate your progress.

Paint Free is Wyanne's newest online class.  It is a 6 week interactive online class.  The class will be conducted through a private blog forum and videos.  Wyanne will be posting several times a week to the blog and have supporting instructional and inspirational videos each week.  Class participants are encouraged to ask questions and complete weekly paintings and homework to be shared in the class.

What we will cover each week:

Please note weeks 1-5 have additional completed painting homework.

Week One:  Finding your own unique inspiration. How to go beyond "It's all been done before" and create meaningful, heartfelt paintings. Discovering your own painting approach. Getting comfortable with the art supplies you already have, and how to use them to their full potential.

Week Two:  Unblocking and learning to let go. Clearing your mind to paint without limitations. Creating your own unique personal color palette. Trusting yourself and obliterating your inner critic. Learning that technique follows creativity.

Week Three:  How your emotions can have positive or negative effects on your painting.  Getting over the feeling of not being good enough, or comparing ourselves to others. Learning simple composition strategies to ensure a balanced successful painting.

Week Four:  Dealing with time management. Using doodles to create brilliant, unique paintings.  How to become "unstuck" when you are at a loss for ideas. Technical artistic mediums and techniques to take your work to another level.

Week Five:  Recycling old work into new work. Keeping collage work fresh and exciting, instead of just objects stuck to a painting.  Questioning our need to use additional collage elements in paintings, and how it can serve as a crutch. Additional technical art techniques to take your work to the next level.

Week Six:  Bringing it all together.  Combining your old style of painting with your new style.  How to incorporate new learned techniques into your work without losing your own unique style.  Recap, summary and closing inspiration.

Students are encouraged to complete the weekly homework painting assignments and participate in weekly critiques lovetiques.

Must Have Supply list:
inexpensive kid's crayon set
acrylic paints in a variety of colors (can be artist tube acrylics or craft bottle acrylics)
paint brushes
your choice of canvas, wood or paper to paint on
your choice of a Clear Acrylic Gel or Clear Gesso* such as Golden Soft Gels, Golden Self Leveling Gel*, Tri Art Self Leveling, Mod Podge)
your choice of Molding/Modeling Paste or heavy gesso(different companies call it different names, Golden Molding paste* or Liquitex Modeling Paste)
spray water bottle

Items with an * are actually used in video demonstrations. Others brand names listed above are alternative suggestions.

As an artist, everyone has their own set of additional supplies that they like to use that might make their work more uniquely their own.  Wyanne will be using some of the supplies listed below in the video demonstrations, but they are not required to complete the class.  It is subject to your own style and personal taste.

Nice to Have, but not totally necessary list:
waterproof or water resistant pens and markers (any marker or pen that will not smear when painted over with water)
collage paper
rubber stamps
meaningful found objects if you like to collage
various other art supplies that are subject to your own style and taste levels such as glitter, found objects, beads, rhinestones, etc
dimensional paint ( like Tulip brand purchased at craft stores or walmart)

Class will open on Monday, Sept. 13th, with an introduction and orientation.  On Wed. Sept. 15th, week one officially starts and ends 6 weeks later on Oct. 20th.  The class sites will stay up an additional 2 weeks, to provide access to content and videos.  All videos are downloadable.

Registration through PayPal only.  Upon completion of your PayPal payment, you will receive a welcome email with additional information on how to access the class, your personal passwords, etc.

Past students of "Art Play" and "Mixed Media and the Girls" classes receive a discount for the Paint Free class. Discount is not valid on other previous classes or new classes that have yet to be offered. New students of Paint Free will receive discounts on upcoming classes.  Class size is limited.

Please choose the new student or past student option.

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