Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sometimes Things Don't Feel Right....

"Sometimes Things Don't Feel Right"
acrylic, ink, and resin on wood
24" x 24"

"Sometimes Things Don't Feel Right" is my new painting.  If you are thinking that it looks a little familiar, then you are right.   Remember the painting, "She Is Emerging". This is it, reworked into a new painting.

Do you remember the gallery that was interested in my work, but they wanted to see work that had more of a story and edgier.  This was created for them.  They saw it, and said that I was on the right track, and they wanted more work.  I could never bring myself to do any additional pieces for them.  It was very odd, since I REALLY wanted to be associated with this gallery...but something just didn't feel right.

The painting hung at my studio and gallery downtown for a couple of months.  One day, I overheard some women talking about the painting.  They said, "This painting is severely demented". My feelings were a little hurt, because "demented" is the last adjective I would ever want to describe my work.  I took the painting home that afternoon.

Living with the painting gave me a whole new perspective.  I could appreciate certain parts of it, and other parts were too negative.  It brought me down.  It reminded me of a bad time in my life that I was way past.  I told my friends and family that I was thinking of painting over it.  They gasped and told me that I'd ruin it...or please don't paint over the lion.  Everyone had a different opinion.

My astrological sign is Pisces, the fish swimming in two different directions.  I am blessed and cursed at the same time with the uncanny ability to see two sides to every situation.  I find it extremely difficult to make a decision sometimes, even with the simplest of manners.  I could understand what the gallery was looking for, I could understand the criticism from my gallery patrons, and understand every positive and negative comment ever made about the painting.  But, what I couldn't understand was my feelings about the painting.  I couldn't make a decision about it.  This behavior drives my best friend crazy.  He is constantly telling me to make a decision, draw the line, and stick to it.

So I decided that something just didn't feel right, and to do something about it.  I had no idea where it would take me.  I had no preconceived ideas about what it would look like in the finished work.  I just knew I wanted it to be happier.  So, I jumped off the edge and started painting over it.  All I can say is it was really scary for awhile.  Terrible negative thoughts kept coming through my head, about how I was ruining it.  I shoved them away and focused on the feeling I wanted to create and moved my paint brush along without thinking about it too much.  The techniques that I used are some of the same ones as I will be teaching in the new "Paint Free" class next month.  All I can say, is when it was done...I knew I had done the right thing.

Yes, it's still melancholy.  But, that's okay.  I just wanted happier...and it is definitely that.  I decided to name it after the feeling that I had all along about the painting.  I think it fit it well.  As far as the gallery...If being in their gallery means losing myself, or compromising my feelings through my painting...then it's not worth it.  I have to draw the line.

Hope you enjoy the new video for the painting.

Registration for the new "Paint Free" class is now open.  I have been overwhelmed by your response to it.  Class size is limited, but there are still spaces available.  If you have taken the "Mixed Media with the Girls" or "Art Play" classes, you do get a discount on the new class.  Class starts Sept. 13th and runs through Oct. 20th. The "Mixed Media Resin" class is still in production with a release date probably the end of September.

Thanks to everyone for all your constant love and support on my journey.  You make it much easier to draw the line and follow my heart.

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  1. You know what ? I think it is wonderful that as an artist you are able to show different sides. Both paintings are beautiful and have their own strengths.
    I think art is personal and I really don't think you should let someone hurt your feelings because they thought it was demented. The fact that it caused a reaction I think is great. However it probably bothered you because you didn't feel really good about it.I love the new do over too. I think you should always stay true to you .
    Remember that sometimes there were things hidden under Master artists paintings. I remember reading about some pieces being xrayed and they found other layers underneath . I wonder if they were hesitant about covering it.
    Looking forward to your new class. Maybe I better go sign up I don't wanna miss it.

  2. Hi Wyanne, I love the reworking of the painting, I liked it before, but somehow I like this one more. I too am a Pisces, March 14th, and its a nightmare for me as well. I exasperate everyone with my ability to not be able to make up my mind. With all the current changes I am experiencing at the moment, that has been a real threat for me as I don't like change either, or surprises. So I am doing some work on myself to try to free myself up more and be more prepared to take risks. I look to you as an example of how to do it right, so thank you for being such an inspiration. Love Beverley xx

  3. Wyanne, I remember your blog post about the gallery telling you your work was too cute, and that they wanted more edgy. I was so mad about that, can't remember if I commented or not. What I've always loved about your art was the whimsy. I've been to galleries, and while I really appreciate dark, edgier art, that doesn't mean I want it in my home.

    I am so happy that you took a painting that wasn't really 'you' and reworked it your way. To heck with the words of those galleries! I watch that tv show 'Work of Art' and am left scratching my head over some of the stuff they call artistic. Different strokes for different folks. You are loved as you are, keep growing your way.

    oh, I'm a Libra, so I completely understand about not being able to make a decision, I unfortunately see both sides of every isssue too, lol!

  4. Just loooove your work...may I feature a piece on my blog The Showcase...let me know...Thanks..!

  5. Hi Wyanne, I enjoyed the conversion immensely. I watched you turn a bad feeling into a postivie good feeling. Great! I think it is about nothing every happening before it is time.

  6. I love your reworked painting. Funny I was just reading about Matisse this morning, how he had just completed a commissioned painting. He looked at it and said this just isn't me and destroyed the painting even though he needed the money real bad. If I can find the link to that story, I will come back and post it. I think you did the right thing.
    And I agree with what Pink said, that show left me scratching my head too.

  7. Found the link:
    This is the part I wanted you to know:

    The family was supported through the sale of all the painter's still lifes to a dealer who paid 400 francs apiece for them.

    Matisse narrated later: "One day I had just finished one of my pictures. It was quite as good as the previous one and very much like it, and I knew that on its delivery I would get the money which I sorely needed. I looked at it, and then and there a feeling came over me that it was not I, that it did not express me or express what I felt." The artist destroyed the picture, counting his emancipation from that day.

    And now we will never know what that painting was or what it looked like, but it was HIS work, to do with as HE saw fit. I'm glad that he didn't buckle under, trusting his own instincts about it, even though he needed the money.

  8. oh my goodness Wyanne!!. When i opened your blog this morning (whilst scoffing down my cereal, late for work as alwaya haha) and saw this painting, i literally gasped at how beautiful it is!.
    I have bought your mixed media with the girls online lessons, and i think you are an amazing artist and teacher. What an inspiration you are, and although i look at your blog regularly and have never made a comment i had to write one today - even though i should be in the car right now!
    keep following your heart, this painting sings to me - it actually looks like me! (freckles ;)).
    If i didnt live in Australia, i'd buy this original, but for now ill be waiting for a giclee print to come out and ill be snapping one up :)
    have a fabulous day!
    love jessie xxxx

  9. I just love your reworked's so YOU! The lion painting was beautiful too, but I understand why you were not comfortable with it. You are very talented and I love to come to your blog and see what you are making.

  10. The painting in it's original state was fantastic,there was such a dark feeling to it. The rework you did,brought out the sunshine in the painting and you and turned a fantastic painting into a masterpiece. BRAVO!

  11. Your work is fantastic! The song is fab whats it called??

  12. You did the right thing! People who aren't artists that paint intuitively really don't understand that we have to be true to ourselves with our art, otherwise we just won't be happy with it, whatever other people say. I did a series of paintings a couple of years ago that told the story of the emotional upheaval I ws going through. I was SO GLAD to sell them and to get rid of them. I have one or 2 still left and they most certainly will be painted over as soon as I get round to it! Thankyou for your inspiring and wonderful vidoes! I lOVe them! xx

  13. While the original version of your painting is anything BUT demented, it obviously struck a chord with the person who made that comment. Maybe it spoke to a part of themselves that was mirrored in the way that your painting made them feel, but I think that it was lovely and deep and meaningful. That being said, it seems to me that if you put something out there that makes you uncomfortable, then by all means, change it! This goes for paintings, or relationships or even parts of ourselves that we are not exactly happy with.

    Your paintings reflect such positivity and joy. Maybe the fact that you tried to change that for somebody else is what the lion and the tears really represent.

    Good for you for following your instinct. By painting over something that wasn't comfortable for you, you took back your POWER!


  14. It is true many master artists painted over pieces they wanted to change. It was common. van Gogh did it a lot...and his art was very emotionally charged and back then no one liked it...look at it now!

  15. Hi Wyanne...I think that this situation is something that most artists are going to encounter...I'm a folk doll artist, and was "encouraged" to do the same make darker, edgier, demented looking beings that would be more marketable...but, that's not who I am, not what I do, and I just don't think I'd have that in me...I tried, and if something is that difficult to bring into being, it's just not me...I admire you for creating from the heart and keeping true to yourself...THAT'S what comes out in your!

  16. The honesty in the redo shines through. Really love it.


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