Monday, September 27, 2010


I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know about all the classes that are available, and the differences between all of them.

This class begins Oct. 11th.  Registration is now open, click here for details.  This is a six week class that focuses on using resin with your paintings and mixed media work.  This class has extensive videos and a private class blog that I will be posting to several times a week.  The blog posts are related to the videos, to help summarize and compliment the videos. I will be demonstrating start to finish resin techniques for 8 projects.  The projects are completely voluntary, and meant to be jumping off points to incorporate into your own artwork.  The videos are all downloadable. There is also a private social network to post your work, and get to know others.  I will be available to answer all questions, and help trouble shoot problems.  There are no critiques in this class.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

This class is currently in session.  The new session begins Oct. 25th.  Registration is now open, and class size is limited.  It is a six week interactive class. This class is my baby. It took almost two years to put together, and has been incredibly rewarding for me personally and for the participants.  As artists, we seem to be influenced by classes we taken or other artists that we admire.  Becoming a sponge soaking it all in, unable to produce any work that doesn't reflect someone else's work in some way.  This class is designed to share with you techniques that I have learned over the years to help you paint with more freedom.  You'll discover how to mentally, emotionally and creatively let go, as well as the actual painting techniques to accelerate your progress.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

This is a fun class to learn how to draw and paint the whimsical big eyed girls.  It's an ongoing class that you can join anytime. Through videos, you'll learn how to make a mixed media painting on canvas or paper. The focal point of the painting is your own unique girly or diva that you will learn to draw. We'll be using lots of collage, layering, painting faces and drawing. Through 3 different techniques, I'll show you how to paint mixed media on paper, on canvas and combining the two in a two dimensional paper doll style. I will show you how to finish them in beeswax, as well as faux beeswax for acrylics.  The class includes 26 videos that are downloadable.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

I love for my friends to come by the studio and hang out for a play date. We drag out all our supplies and just have fun. There are no rules, no expectations...just lots of fun and learning. This class is set up to be just like you were hanging out in the studio with me.  There are 12 videos jam packed with techniques.  Some you may have seen or heard about before, and others will be totally new.  We cover a lot of ground for mixed media work.  There are no start to finish projects...just tons of techniques and interviews and demonstrations with guest artists.  It's an art play date!  All the videos are downloadable. Class is ongoing, join anytime. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks everyone!

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