Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Strong One and 20% off sale

"Strong One"
acrylic, gouache, paper, pencil on board
8"x 8"
available at Etsy

This is a fun little painting that I did the other day.  I needed a break from a larger painting that I was working on that was being a tad difficult.  Actually it wasn't so much that it was much as it was that my mind needed a break from the complexities it held.  So...these little elephants were a nice diversion.

iPhone photo of work in progress

When I finished, I looked at the two paintings side by side....and they didn't look like they were done by the same person almost.  One was fun and light...and the other much more serious.  I had to laugh because I teach the Paint Free class to help students find their own unique style.  

But, I think that it's a good thing to change it up once in a while.  We don't wear the same clothes every day...or even the same style of clothes every day.  At least...I don't.  It's not unusual to find me in funky overalls and crocs one day, and the next day, heels and a silk blouse.  The common denominators are that I wear both outfits and both probably have paint stains.  

So many of my students are looking for their own unique style of painting.  But, I don't think that style comes from the subject matter that we much as the way we paint.  It has to do with our brushstrokes and the energy that we give to the painting.  That's what becomes recognizable and creates style.   Just like your clothes don't make who you are...the subject matter in your paintings doesn't make your style.  Geez...imagine if you had to paint the same subject day after day.  How boring would that be?

So, paint what makes you happy in the moment!

Thursday, I am headed to Miami.  I'm very excited.  It's my annual trip to Art Basel, said to be the most important art show in the US. I just know it's huge and SO MUCH FUN!!!   I usually travel by myself.  This year, my 16 year old son is going with me.  He is an incredible artist himself.  So, I'm really looking forward to seeing some great art and having some quality time with him.

In other news, the new Paint Free class begins Jan. 3rd.  There are a few spaces open.  The new Tough Love workshop series will begin a few days later.  These are coaching workshops for students who have completed Paint Free and want to take their art further creatively or commercially. 

I ran a 20% off sale in my gallery for Black Friday and the downtown Pajama party.  But, I forgot to extend it to my Internet friends.

From now until Dec. 10, you can take 20% off your purchase in my Etsy store.  You will need the code MIAMI10.  Click here to go to my Etsy store.

That's about it for now.  I'll be taking lots of video and photos in Miami for you.  I hope to do some blogging while I'm there.

And before I forget....I made a little video for the new painting.  Enjoy!


Thank you all so much for your support and your comments.  I might not be able to respond to all of them but please know I read and cherish every one of them from the bottom of my heart.  :)

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  1. Lovely, Wayanne.

    I adore your videos!

  2. I love your work in progress. I can see why you needed a break from it- it looks intense for sure. And mysterious. And beautiful. The colors, especially the warm ones in the center, really pull you in.

  3. ♥ the video. ♥ the painting ☺

  4. Hi Wyanne, it's so true what you said about the artist being the common thread whatever the subject matter is. Someone commented on my ceramics a couple of days ago that they looked like my illustrations had come to life! I was amazed by this but it just goes to show doesn't it that we do all have our individual style even though we're too close to it ourselves to recognise it! Lovely elephant paintings by the way! :)xx


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