Monday, November 15, 2010

Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait
mixed media & resin
12" x 12"

Back in late August, I discovered that one of my all time favorite artists, Nicholas Simmons was teaching a workshop here on the island.  I really wanted to go, but I just couldn't swing it. I had already promised my 16 year old that I would take him to see Art Basel in Miami this year.  So, for two months I wished and dreamed that there was a way that I could do both.  Finally in October, I got the nerve up to ask the workshop director if I could work out a barter with her for the workshop.  I volunteered to wash brushes, run errands, anything that I could possibly do to be able to attend.  It took her a few days to get back to me with my offer...but the answer was no.  The workshop was filled.  It was a small room and they couldn't take another person.  I was so disappointed.

But, I let it go, and figured it was for the best.  I got really busy with my own classes and two shows and tried to forget about it.  The evening before the workshop was to begin, I received a call from the director.  She said that an opening had come available at the last minute.  For a minute I got very excited, and then I remembered that I was saving up to take Luke to the Miami show this year.  I told her that I wouldn't be able to take it for financial reasons. And then I heard her say the most amazing news, "It's been gifted to you."  Someone wasn't able to go, and gave me their paid spot for free.  I was shocked to say the least.

Early the next morning, I was sitting in the workshop.

I knew that I could learn a lot from him.  I knew deep in my heart that I was supposed to go to that workshop.  I am filled with gratitude that some very generous people gave me the opportunity.

It was incredible and exceeded my expectations.  If you ever get the opportunity to study under Nicholas Simmons, I highly recommend it.  He is the greatest teacher, and an fantastic person.

Saturday night, he came to my Blue Door studio during our artwalk, and spent a lot of time with me looking at my work and talking.

I did this painting prior to the workshop. 

Here's the video for it.  I hope you enjoy it.

So, getting to spend 3 days learning from one of my idols was definitely worth the wait.  Thanks to everyone who made it happen for me.  And thanks to Nicholas for being such an open and generous teacher.

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  1. This is wonderful, Wyanne! I'm so excited that you were able to attend that workshop!

    Your joy really shows in this painting! :)

  2. that's such a God thing!

    so happy for you!

  3. I first saw your artwork on youtube! Love your style! Keep doing what you do! :D

    Cheers from the Vegetarian Cannibal!

  4. It's so funny to read that you have artist idols, too. I mean, I have this same kind of adoration and hope to take learn from YOU one day. (Isn't life funny that way?) I watch your videos over and over, read your blog religiously and have even (wait, I swear I am NOT a stalker, just a huge fan! anyway...) checked to see how far I will be living from you in Florida when we move in May of this coming year...just in case I get the chance to take a workshop from you. Yeah, we all have our idols...I'm so happy that you had this wonderful chance to meet and study under yours.
    Peace & Love,

  5. Love your new video. So glad you got to take the class, what a nice gift that was. I have several classes on my Christmas list, yours is at the top!

  6. you and your videos never cease to amaze me. gorgeous. so glad you had this opportunity! miss you!

  7. If anyone was deserving of that class, I know who it was supposed to be (YOU) because you give us so much...for those of you wanting to take Wy's class, do NOT wait to sign up. She's awesome and I am her biggest cheerleader for her kidding, I can't believe my art life prior to learning with Wyanne! Sweetie, you SO deserve that gift!! Love and peace xoxo! Lisa

  8. I truly get excited every time you post your videos as I love your paintings and I love the music you put with these videos too. Love watching you in amazement and am happy for you that you had this opportunity you so desired. Good for you Wyanne and please keep doing your thing.

  9. Your videos almost make me weep - I keep hoping to get one drop of the magic you do to seep into my being by osmosis (or watching your videos a million times )....would love a hint of what the class in January holds, hint hint.....

  10. I have only just got around to reading this blog post and wanted to say how wonderful that you got this opportunity to do this class. As you say you were meant to be there in that workshop. Opportunities like this, give me hope for the future. Thank you Wyanne for sharing. xx


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