Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Perplexed and pre-planning....

original mixed media & beeswax
12" x 12"

"Perplexed" is my newest painting.  Does it look familiar?  It was started over a year ago, and just now finished.  And didn't take me a year to paint it!  LOL

In art school, we are taught to start a painting with a separate sketch, and then work out all the colors before proceding onto the canvas.  Sometime last year or so...I thought I should give that process another go.  So I did a sketch, and took the time to paint a small version of it.  Here's a photo of that painting. "No Bees Yet, Just Butterflies".  

Bet you recognize it now.  I really planned it out, and created such a detailed drawing that I ended up selling it.  I then took the preliminary drawing and scanned it, and tranfered it to the wood board.  I started painting it...and lost all interest.  It traveled with me as I moved my studio twice.  And I don't think there has been a day that I didn't look at it and think that I should finish it.  

Well, that day finally came.  I decided to start working on it again.  But, after I started, I quickly realized that I am just not a pre-planning kind of gal.  It's too restrictive.  I felt confined.  It was boring.  Almost like a paint by numbers kind of painting.  I didn't want to paint entirely over it, because I really felt that I needed to honor the painting that I had spent such a great deal of time planning.  But, I had to switch it up a bit.

Play and have fun!  That's the name of the game.  And "Perplexed" was the outcome.  

A little different, a little the same but finally fun!

Here's a video of the process.  I can't believe I still had the footage from over a year ago.  Maybe I am somewhat organized...or just extremely lucky.  :)


The new "Paint Free" class opens Jan. 3rd, and class begins Jan. 5th.  I am very excited.  This will be the third offering of the hard to believe.  When I first started these two paintings, the "Paint Free" class was merely on paper too.  It took almost two years of pre-planning.  Back then, I wasn't sure how artists would react to it.  Would it help them?  But, the response has been incredible.  It is so rewarding for me also.  To see these artists open up and blossom makes my heart burst with pride.  I am so proud of all of them.  And I'm proud of me for pre-planning something and actually having it work out pretty well.  LOL

There are five four spots left in the January Paint Free class. For more info, go here.  Also, as I mentioned in the previous post...the Tough Love coaching workshops are also opening in January.  I have one spot left in each workshop.  

I hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with magic.  I'm thankful to stay home this year (although I miss my family in Atlanta).  It will be good to have a very casual, stress free, no pre-planning Christmas for a change.

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