Monday, January 31, 2011

A World Her Own

"A World Her Own"
mixed media & resin
20" x 20" 

I'm often asked by other artists, "How do I find my own style"?  For a long time, I used to tell them that it just happens with lots of practice.  And I do, indeed...still think that's true.  But, now I'm realizing that there is a lot more to it...

In early March, I'll turn another year older.  And I can honestly say that this is one birthday that I'm not dreading.  In fact, I'm actually looking forward to it.  I've tried to figure out what has caused me to have this unexpected feeling of acceptance and ease.  It's a little difficult to pinpoint, and I don't think that it is any one thing.  I guess the biggest change that I've undergone is just accepting myself, flaws and all.  Realizing I am perfect in my own ways...and not like everyone else.  I started paying attention to the things I liked, and that made me comfortable.  I got rid of the things that didn't feel right.  It's been a slow evolution, but worth the journey.  I had a friend that used to say to me, "You're so Wyanne".  At first, I hated that...I felt it was a put down in some I was weird or different.

Then recently, out of the blue, a student said the same thing to me...and I just had to chuckle.

I thought to myself.....Yes, I am...I worked very hard to arrive at "Wyanne".

Finding your own style in your artwork is the same type of process.  First (of course), you have to do the work and practice.  And as you get a little more confident in your need to become "aware".  What feels right in your hand?  Do you really like canvas as a surface to paint on?  How do you like to apply the paint, heavy with texture or watery and free?  As you become more aware of the things that you really like, start concentrating on them.  Then start eliminating everything that doesn't feel right.  Just because you heard that works on canvas sell faster than works on paper, doesn't mean you should stay with canvas, if it doesn't feel right!

I can promise you that you will never find your own style if you continue to listen to everyone else except yourself! 

After you have a really good idea of what you like...then you start pushing yourself creatively.  

Just because you have finally discovered your comfort zone artistically, doesn't mean you stop!  If you stop pushing'll soon find your artwork becoming stale, boring and predictable!

Learn that the greatest mistakes, often are the greatest teachers.  Allow yourself to make mistakes.  Bend the rules, and break the rules!  Have is too short!  

If you are not having fun with your art, what's the point of doing it!  

And you know what...while you are doing this...the craziest thing will happen.....You will be thinking to yourself...I'll never find my own style.  My work is all over the map.  

And at the same time, everyone else will be "loving your style". 

You won't even know it!  Until someone reminds you and says...."You're so insert your name here!"

Here's a new video for you.

Thank you guys for all your love and support during my journey.  I feel like I've only touched the surface...

Love and Light,
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