Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wonderment & copiers

mixed media

This is my latest painting called "Wonderment". It is a mixed media piece with acrylic, ink, collage on watercolor paper mounted to wood.  I'm really enjoying the new style that is evolving in my work.  I guess it's a little wilder and untamed these days.  I don't know where it's going...and I kinda like it that way.  The pure excitement of watching it unfold is beyond thrilling, making me rush to the studio every chance I get.  The process of  feeling the paint flow across the paper, swirl, and change is indescribable. Artists ask me do I find my style.  Let me just tell you...

your style is created when you feel this kind of energy and excitement in your work.

It's not about how you's about how you FEEL when you paint.

It saddens me to no end, when an artist copies the work of another artist.  You will never find your own style this way!  You can learn techniques from another artist, but copying that artist is hindering your growth. You will never have or enjoy the same energy creating the piece as the original artist did!  So therefore your piece won't be as good.  Why do so many artists feel that they have to copy another artist to be considered "good"? 

As artists, we are natural sponges.  We absorb all the beauty of  the world, and it comes out in one way or another in our work.  That's natural.  But, you cannot take another artist's painting, change the colors and add a few extra details and call it yours.  It wasn't your inspiration.  And no matter how much fun you had creating it...the painting will never truly be yours.  You know in your heart that it's not yours.  You've just created bad karma.  And if you turn around and try to profit from work that's not entirely've just created triple bad karma. 

Your energy, your imagination and your love are the only things that can make your art good! 

Here's a new video for you.

Find your inspiration deep down inside of you.  It's there...I promise.  It's really good if it doesn't look like anyone else's inspiration!  There will always be someone somewhere who appreciates your inspiration.  Your inspiration is good enough.  You are perfect...just the way we are.

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