Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the magic maker

The Magic Maker
mixed media
18" x 24"

"The Magic Maker" is my latest painting.  It is watery acrylic, gouache, sumi ink, and collage on watercolor paper. This is another one that I used the designs from the initial paint on the paper to inspire the entire painting.  You would think that this would remove my emotions from the painting....but I've found that it doesn't.  In fact, it tends to amplify my emotions and truly reflect them into the work in a way that I would not have been able to do from a pre-planned drawing.

During the time that I was painting this one, I was also working closely with someone that I like to refer to as the "fairy godmother".  This "fairy godmother" has generously sponsored well deserving students to take my classes for free, like a scholarship program.  I've never met the fairy godmother in person, or even talked with her on the phone.  We have simply become friends through my artwork and classes over the years.  Through her generosity, two students were able to participate in my Tough Love Creative workshop, that might not have been able to participate on their own.

I can't tell you how thrilling it is was to watch the student's develop and then pick them for the scholarships.  It's not as big as a college scholarship or winning the lottery...but you would never know from their excitement.

As I shared with the "fairy godmother" my picks for the scholarships and their excitement...she referred to me as the "The Magic Maker".  I thought to "fairy godmother" is really  "The Magic Maker" and doesn't even know it.  She sits quietly behind the scenes and makes all the magic happen.  And this is how and why, my new painting came to be....

"The Magic Maker".

I have set up a permanent scholarship fund to help those artists who might not be able to take one of my classes on their own.  So, if you would like to become a "Magic Maker" and donate, please use the button below.  I will personally match every even a dollar adds up!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥

Here's a new video for you of "The Magic Maker"....I hope you enjoy it.

The new Paint Free Class begins March 28th.  There are only a few spots left.  Click here for more information:  Paint Free Class

Thanks for all your continued support of my artwork over the years.  You guys are amazing!  Thank you for all you do.

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  1. This is lovely, as usual! Thank you for sharing your talent!!

  2. Such a kind gesture Wyanne and a very interesting blog post. Beverley xx

  3. I love how you shoot your videos!


  4. So very beautiful! Thank you for helping to keep art in the world...

  5. Wyanne... you blow me away every time with your work.. and the thing is, you really are enjoying this all the time. Thank you.

  6. Every painting tells a story...not only the artists story, but somewhere in each of our hearts there's a place where a new story begins or continues. My story within this painting is about abundant LOVE... Love that gives, honors, and brings harmony back to itself. Creation begets Creation!
    You bring upon yourself, Wyanne, exactly what you give out... abundant Love! Your precious friend, The Fairy Godmother, must understand this truth as well... Hearts to you both! <3 <3

  7. This is such a magical painting! I just love it--the tree is wonderful.

  8. Finally got around to watching the video you uploaded, very inspiring stuff. I wish I could find the drive I need to get my pencils, paints and sketchbooks out again. Beverley xx

  9. I love all the Nature, animals...and elements of calm in this painting...all the way to her feet dipping into the water.

    It puts me in a relaxed frame of mind, condusive to life's little Magical happenings :)

    So cool to have that "fairy godmother" provide your instruction to a lucky few!

  10. I just made a small donation. I wish I could make more but my doctor bills are adding up. I hope you raise lots of money for your scholarship!

  11. Oh, Wyanne,

    Such a magical painting! She is lovely, so sweet and delicate! It's such a long time since I last visited your wonderful blog, but I'm back now and I can't wait to see more of your paintings!
    Your art is so inspiring, thanks a million for sharing it with us!
    Lots of love,
    Sanda xoxo

  12. i found you through aimee's etsy treasury...i am ENCHANTED by your
    GORGEOUS artwork. i am so happy to follow! i want to sit near this girl & deer & bunnies & world of wonder & beauty. it all resonates with my soul. it is indeed heaven here. WOW. xox

  13. This is a place I want to be! The perfect contemplative secret place where goodness is drawn in. Love the soothing colors and the animals that speak of meekness and gentleness. It just gets better and better!

  14. That's such a lovely idea, providing spaces for people who can't afford it for themselves. It seems to me you create the magic between you!

  15. Hello Wyanne!
    I like the spirituality which emanates from your drawings.
    Your evolution is as a flower which growing up and it is beautiful to see it!
    bye and thanks for your happyness!

  16. Your work is not only GORGEOUS, but inspiring. I love your subject matter, I love your colors, and I love how you make me feel like I too can do it. Your videos are fantastic also. Thank you!!!Pam


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