Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big News, Happy Dances & a Special SALE!!!

"Never Say Goodbye"
acrylic, watercolor and sumi ink 
12" x 12"

OMG...I don't even know where to start.  There are so many exciting things to tell you about!  Besides the obvious new painting and video...there is a special sale on classes through Easter.  Yes, you read that right a SALE!  There's even a new class that was just added! Click Here to go to the Class Page.

Doing a happy dance because there's just so much to tell bear with me!

In my last post, I told you about the scholarship fund that I started with the Fairy Godmother to help artists take my classes and workshops.  Well, I was overwhelmed by your generosity.  So many of my previous students donated so others could experience what they experienced from my classes and workshops.  My eyes are filling up with tears as I write heart is about to burst from all the love.  THANK YOU!!!  In this short amount of time we were able to put three artists in classes!  Isn't that fabulous!

I'm so excited that I decided to have a special sale on my classes.  Now through  April 25th, you can get $10 off any online class.  There's no limit on how many classes either.  If you are a previous student, you get your past student discount and an additional $10 off!  The $10 discount is not shown in pricing for the classes, and will be refunded to you after your completed PayPal payment.  Please allow 24 hours for the refund and for your login information for the class/workshop.  Sorry I can only offer this through Monday 4/25 at midnight EST.

As far as the other news....I'm the featured artist at Blue Door next month, so I'm getting ready for a big show!   I'll be showing several new paintings, giclees and jewelry.  If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello. I promise it's worth the walk up the funky stairs!  The show is May 14th from 5-8 pm at Blue Door Artists at 205 1/2 Centre Street, downtown Fernandina Beach, FL.  In case you are wondering the 1/2 means upstairs.

Now the other bit of news is still a bit of a secret.  But, I can tell you it involves my artwork, attorney's, a contract (the good kind) and a interesting, fun, exciting company.  I'll keep you posted....

So...see why I'm jumping up and down, such great things are happening all around.  I just can't help it!

Here's a new video for you:

Don't forget about the special class sale through Monday April 25th.  Remember the $10 discount is not reflected in the prices, and will be refunded to you through PayPal.  Click Here to go to the class page.

Happy Happy Easter Everyone!  Happy Spring!  Happy Dance!
Thank you so much for everything!


PS. If you'd like to make a donation to the scholarship fund, please use the button below. Every bit counts, and I match each donation 100%. Thank for all the love!

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  1. YAY! Good news!
    I really want to take that new class! I think I might sign up. It sounds super interesting!!!

    Love the video as always!

  2. Congrats on ALL the good news! You bring upon yourself what you desire the most! You Go Girl! <3 Love you!

  3. Can't help but think you've earned the good fortune and positive things....D

  4. Bursting at the seams in great joy for you Wyanne! Doin' the happy dance for you and sending you huge congratulatory hugs for all your wonderful news! Love the new painting and the vid!!! GORGEOUS in that special way that only the magic maker can paint:0))) Love you! xxx

  5. Such fantastic news! Congrat and you're so deserved it. Looking forward to your "revealing" the secret news! ;D

  6. How exciting... I can't wait to hear what your good news is. I'm thinking... Demco? Or some similar company? How cool would that be...

  7. Happy Spring to you, Dear Wyanne!

    It sounds like things are good and sparkly in your world right now....I'm so happy for all the excitement!!!

    This new painting is beautiful! I love that you used acrylics like watercolors...never thought of that...haha! Thanks so much for sharing the Love :)

  8. Oh my wonderful friend, such good news comes as no surprise, as the one person I know (you) spreads SO much love and great karma, that wonderful amazing things are going to come to you as it should be! You are such an amazing woman, artist, teacher, and friend, and my love goes out to you and I just know, because of how truly wonderful you are, that this is the universe working in a positive manner, as it should be! Much love!!

  9. Congratulations on the contract!

    My friend Laura and I always go to Blue Door first during the art walks just to see your work. Your new owl paintings are really wonderful, can't wait to see more of them. :)

    I remember when the art scene here was mostly paintings of island landscapes so I cannot tell you what a breath of fresh air your work is!


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