Monday, May 16, 2011

dream state

"Dream State"
mixed media on paper
22" x 28"

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind.  Whoever came up with the term, "When it rains, it pours"...definitely hit the nail on the head.  Don't get me wrong...things have not been bad at all.  In fact, it's been incredibly fantastic!  So many great things are head is spinning!  I just had a great show at the gallery, have been asked to teach some in person workshops, and more....

About three months ago, my daughter and I were shopping in a gorgeous boutique downtown.  She was trying to find a very special birthday present for her best friend.  As we were looking around, she saw a scarf with a cute little owl on it.  She said, "Mommy, that looks like your art".  I looked at the retro owl and thought it did a tiny bit, but not a whole lot.  But, the scarf was part of a collection by a company that had the cutest, bohemian  girly products that I had ever seen.  They were adorable.  Logan and I loved everything.  I made a mental note of the name of the company and thought to myself...if I ever want to license my artwork..."maybe" I should contact this company. ( I had turned down previous license agreements because I didn't like the products.)  We purchased a couple of pieces of jewelry from the company's collection and left.  Later on, as we were wrapping the pieces for her friend, I admired the quality and originality of the jewelry...but totally FORGOT about the company who made them.

About a month and a half later, I received an email that said:

Hello there!

We were in your gallery in Fernandina Beach yesterday and think 
your work is amazing!  We would love to talk with you about the 
possibility of working together.

Please give us a call at your convenience.

Thanks so much and we look forward to talking with you!

It was signed by the creative directors of the same company that I had seen displayed in the little boutique.  I thought it was a joke.  I live on a tiny island!  In fact, I didn't call them...I emailed them instead.  After several emails back and forth, I realized that it was in fact, real.  They wanted to meet with me.  I was still unsure about it all.  I didn't know how large their company was, or how long they had been in business.  I wasn't sure I wanted my artwork on products, especially if my name was no longer associated with the artwork.  But, I agreed to the meeting.

Fast forward, over a month later....with a lot of attorney conversations and decisions....

I signed a 2 year contract with them.  It will be "The Wyanne Collection for __________".

Isn't that terrible...after all this...I can't tell you the name of the company.  I can tell you that they are a large wholesale company that sells globally....mostly to exclusive boutiques...but some of their biggest clients are Hallmark and  Francesca's Collections.  The products will not be out to the wholesale market until January 2012, and at the retail market a few months later.

So, just like my new painting "Dream State" above...things just feel like a dream.  You might remember when I started this painting a while back...

It has had quite a transformation....just like me.

The Universe knows when the timing is right.  All you have to do is put it out there....and keep taking baby steps.

Thank you have all played a part in this wonderful, incredible, magical dream!


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