Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paint Free Multimedia E-book is HERE!


The Paint Free Class is now available as a downloadable Multimedia E-Book with an online companion website and social network.

315 pages and over 30 videos

It contains all the same information, lessons, videos and pdf files as the group class.

It has a companion website for those who don't want to download the book, or don't have Adobe Reader.

The E-Book also has a social network to post your work, and receive "lovetiques" from Wyanne.

You must have the latest version of Adobe Reader X to view the E-Book properly.  This is a free download from Adobe.

There are several pricing options available.  

If you are totally new to Wyanne's classes, please chose the New Student Option - $68.

If you have taken Art Play, Mixed Media with the Girls or Mixed Media Resin.  Please chose the Past Student Discount - $56.

If you are a previous Paint Free student from August 2010-May 2011, and would like a copy of the book.  Please chose Past Paint Free Student - $20.

All past student discounts must supply the email address that was used at the time of enrollment.

Paint Free Pricing Options
past student email address

Watch testimonial videos from Paint Free Artists.  Click Here.

For more information on the class, click here.

Free: (adjective)

being without hindrance or constraint; released from burdens or worry; not blocked or impeded; generous in spirit.

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  1. Woohoo!!

    I pre-ordered the ebook on Sunday. Do you know where/when I'll be able to download it? Thanks! :)

  2. We are working really hard to get all the usernames and passwords set the wait shouldn't be much longer. Thanks for your patience! :)

  3. Wyanne, the paypal link is not working for me??? Any ideas?

  4. Roberta - Sorry the PayPal button is not working for you. I just tested and it was working now. Maybe it was just temporary. If you are still having problems, let me know.

  5. Bummer. I missed out on the early registration now.... Had to go out of town. I don't know why but when I clicked the link it just didn't do anything for me. It was like a dud. There was no buy now button though like there is now I think. It was just a link that said paypal and when I clicked it nothing would happen, the browser just kept trying to load it. How strange! Thank you for trying to help Wyanne!

  6. I think this is really way cool! Paint Free has been one of the best classes I have ever taken!

  7. Thanks You Wyanne for the creative energy & love you put into this class & now a book! Congrats too!

  8. Hi Wyanne! I just paid for the Paint Free E Book Class. I got a payment received email from PayPal but did not receive a link to download the e book or to the class website. I am very excited to start the class. Best, Pat

  9. Hi Wyanne, I'm an admirer of your work and very excited to join your Paint Free E Book Class! I just paid with PayPal (for the first time in my live) so hopefully you'll receive the payment in time. Can't wait...:)! Lucy (the Netherlands)

  10. Hi Wyanne, If I sign up now for Paint Free am I getting the online class that starts in August or just the e-book. I would prefer the live online class and don't want to sign in the wrong spot. Thanks Karen xx

  11. Hi, Wyanne,

    i signed for the Free Paint E Book class, but i don't know how to download it. Can you help me, what to do? Thanks,


  12. Same problem as Ildiko.. Helppppp

  13. You will receive your login info by email to your PayPal email address. Sometimes it takes a little while if I'm away from the main computer. You should get two with your login for the class and eBook, and the second for the social network. Let me know if you got them alright. Love, Wyanne

  14. The August class was scheduled before the Ebook came out. They are basically the same, except one had a weekly schedule and the other is ongoing. The eBook is in a better format than the original class (easier to navigate) and allows you to work at your own pace. But, you are not working by yourself. You still have access to the social network and post your assignments there for lovetiques from me, etc. The August class will be canceled because the majority of those who have signed up have chosen to go with the ongoing Ebook class instead of being restricted to a weekly schedule. Hope that helps some.♥

  15. Hi, I just happened to find your YouTube videos last night and decided to check out your blog. (I LOVE your videos, by the way!) I am wondering if registration is still open for this class, Paint Free?

  16. just bought the e-book .....i did take the paint free class and did not get much chance to "paint free" i have more time to play..... yah.... looking forward to this....

    hope to have access soon.... hugs

  17. Is this still avail?

  18. Yes, it's still available. Go to this link for more info:


I ♥ to hear from you! Thank you so much!!!