Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5 New Paintings & Videos

"Hello World"
mixed media resin painting

Alright...I know...I've been a terrible blogger lately.  But, I've been spending a lot of time in the studio trying to make some important deadlines.  The good news is I have lots of new work to share...and even a couple of videos.  So, this will be short, sweet, and full of eye candy.

"Together Is Better"
mixed media on watercolor paper

"Home Is Where Your Heart Is"
mixed media

"Finders Keepers"
mixed media on paper

"Night Owls"
mixed media and resin
available at Etsy

I hope you enjoyed them.

I'm off to the studio to finish work for the licensing company (more on that soon),  putting the finishing touches on the new class, "Layers, Passages and Hideaways" opening Oct. 1st., finishing up a magazine article, and preparing my segment in the highly anticipated, "Life Book", (registration begins Oct. 3rd).

Back with more soon...I promise. :)


PS. For more information on the Paint Free Ebook and other classes, click here.
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  1. Busy, busy!

    Love the new work, Wyanne....Night Owls really speaks to me....just beautiful!

    I hope to be a part of LifeBook. It sounds like an incredible opportunity!

    Much love, luck and continued success,

  2. oh wyanne, how i love them
    each & all. you have
    finders keepers *a gift*
    to reveal such yummy beauty
    out of your being, on to page.
    i kiss this place. X

  3. I love the night owls painting! the contrast between the tree done in the text paper and the color you used on the girl and the owls is really great!

  4. "Hello World" is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing them all.


  5. Wyanne, I love Hello world. You are amazing and just keep gettng better and better!

  6. A blog post worth waiting for, let me assure you! I reposted your Night Owl video on my FB page, "a crabulous life!" and advised readers that it was worth watching even if just for the "bad kitty" part!

    Great video, btw! As a mixed media artist I love seeing how other artists in my genre work their magic!

    Please keep on keeping on!


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