Wednesday, November 9, 2011

dandy lion

"Dandy Lion"

I've started a new routine.  Some people read or watch TV in bed before they fall asleep...I've decided to paint. I guess it's a good thing that Danny is working in Atlanta most of the time, because I've taken over both night stands with my supplies.  I found that it's the best thing to calm my mind.  I don't have a plan, a drawing or any preconceived idea.  I merely let the paint dance around the paper as I unwind from the day.  Sometimes I paint for only 5 minutes before I can't keep my eyes open any longer.  I continue this nightly routine until I start to get an idea of where the painting is going...then I finish it off in the studio.  "Dandy Lion" is my first creation from this new routine.  A friend on Facebook said that it reminded her of the 60's.  I love that.  I was born in the 60's and was always quite enamored by the psychedelic designs of that era.  I can remember studying the artwork on my doll case more than playing with the actual doll. 

It's funny how something that long ago, still makes it into my artwork today.

I'm off to bed and more painting.  More later.


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