Thursday, February 9, 2012

I AM the Queen...I Take Back My Power

"I Am The Queen"
watercolor, acrylic, collage, coffee, rhinestones & beeswax on wood
16" x 16"

Last week, I had coffee with my best friend.  She's an artist and paints gorgeous poetic large scale oil paintings.  I am always in awe of her talent and creativity.  The business side of me is usually hounding her on how she needs to get her work in more galleries across the country, etc.  But, for this coffee date...that side of me didn't show up.

You see...I've been on a bit of a sabbatical.  I'm taking time off from teaching and only concentrating on painting and my move to Atlanta.  It has been very good for my soul.  My friend has also cut back on some of her responsibilities too, and we both agreed that it had given us more clarity.

Instead of painting, my friend had been writing children's stories and illustrating them!  This was something that I knew she dabbled in from time to time...but I thought fine art was her passion!  With tears in her eyes, she explained that it was something she had always wanted to do, and had put it on a back burner because others had pushed her fine art career.  Now...she was finally doing what she always wanted to do.

It made me think back about what I always wanted to do.  I thought I was doing it already...but I realized I had gotten off track quite a few times.  When I was 9 years old, I had a CLEAR vision about what kind of artist I wanted to be.  Over the years, I've stayed true to the artist part but veered away from the 9 year old's vision.

I've let her dream get interrupted by gallery owners who told me that the work wasn't edgy enough.  By friends who said they didn't get it, and other artist's who poo pooed the subject matter because it was too simple.  I've gotten discouraged because I've seen my work copied so many times...that I felt I should abandon it because it was too easy to copy.  I've even been influenced by family members (spouse included) who liked the work but it was too girlie for them.

Every time I consciously or unconsciously, allowed myself to be influenced by any of these people...I gave away my power.

Today, I take back my power.  I promise to stay true because my nine year old self was way wise beyond her years.

Here's a new video for you.

You should take back your power too.  If me and my best friend, can do can you.

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  1. What a wonderful idea to take back the power or Knowledge that you had as a child or to just start to believe in yourself.

  2. Congratulations!!!! She is awesome and I loved the video!

  3. Wonderful painting! And reading this post made me think about what I wanted when I was little and what I wanted to do. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Wyanne, I think your work is absolutely beautiful. I'm glad you are following the path of YOUR choice. Funny how we can get so off-track and influenced by what others think we should be doing.

  5. I am very glad you are taking your power back. Your art is very inspiring!

  6. In the very first minute I saw this paint and video I said to my self...Wyanne is back :)
    Utterly love it and love you♥

  7. Thank you for a wonderful post. It is a reminder we shouldn't need (in a perfect world) but we definitely do need. It's wonderful when the voice of reason, our inner nine year old, drowns out all those other voices!

  8. Fantastic post Wyanne!! BRAVO my dear friend...enough said, cause you said it all, and said it well!! Much love as always...Lisa

  9. I love love love it. Do you put the beeswax on because you added other media and this kinda levels the whole thing? or for some other reason? I haven't tried mixed media but when you added her cut out dress it reminded me of when I was a little girl and loved my paper dolls. I loved your work before but I really love it now. thanks for sharing and I'm so happy you are following your heart.
    peace n abundance,
    ps I tried and tried and tired again to post using my wordpress, but blogger seems to have a problem accepting it with the word verification thingy. It keeps sayin it is wrong start again. Soooo if you find you aren't getting as many comments ask blogger whats up. It seems to happen a WHOLE lot. I've even blogged about it.

  10. Great post and wonderful video and painting.

  11. great video, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your class on LifeBook
    Dianne in Aust

  12. My dear Wyanne, your works are so full of beautiful colours,dreams and emotions, that's impossible to copy all this.

  13. Right on Wy!!!! Do not listen to the voice of others, its not needed and will not improve the sales or likeability of your work. It is perfect as it is, your vision is what you are expressing and those who get it is what matters. We can never bend to the tastes and perceptions of others, as you know. Stand VIGILENT for the nine year old!

  14. I love love love your style! I've heard many artists talk about other's copying their work. As I move forward in my journey, I'm always pushing to find my own style, but I'm pulled to artists who do gnerally the same type of pieces (tamara laporte, suzi blu, misty mawn, pam carriker, etc.) I've taken online classes from 3 of them and still hope that I'm developing my own style and not "copying" what they do. I LOVED this piece and the message. Keep it up.

  15. I am having trouble viewing you videos on my iPad. Do you know if this is an iPad issue?

  16. I just came here for the first time via Janet's blog, Just Me and My Art. I am absolutely captivated by this video! I loved watching your process, and seeing how you used the making fluid, as well as all the different forms of paint, and the collage elements...amazing and inspiring!

  17. i ditto what you said except i add this:

    and all the people who didn't bother to pay any attention to me or my artistic endeavors because I am not 'famous' and can't help their career OR who claimed to love and care about me, but didn't support my artistic endeavors in the way that i needed and asked for because ????? it's not their thing? they're too busy? they forgot.....or because they don't have to be supportive because none of us should have any needs or require anything from anyone we know....ever. but we should always remember to fulfill their needs. :)

    sorry. your post just hit a nerve.

    i wish i could permanently take my power back and never find myself here again. yuck.

    i admire your brave self and your brave work!


  18. sweet wyanne,

    i just wanted to let you know:
    i am a 32 year old 'girl' and i love your work.
    i am a bit of a mixed media artist myself and it has cost me sooo many years and tears to make the kind of 'art' I FEEL GOOD ABOUT. others call it cute and girly.
    for me, as a WOMAN, it is empowering and it comes from my emotional being.
    your work is an huge imspiration for me and i am sure for many others!!
    remember this:
    imitation is the biggest form of flattery.
    love from hilde from holland


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