Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kiss Kiss

"Kiss Kiss"
mixed media with encaustic beeswax
8" X 8"
Original is Sold.  Thank you! ♥
giclees available at Etsy

Hope everyone had a FABULOUS Valentine's Day!  I finished this painting on Valentine's Day because my Valentine was in Atlanta ( but we had celebrated early).  The painting is on Italian Watercolor paper mounted to a wood canvas panel.  I finished it with a wonderful smooth beeswax finish.  

The painting is watercolor, gouache and collage.  I'm trying to keep my collage elements a little less obvious lately.  If you look close, you'll see the bunny is from a vintage map.  

The big rust colored flower is also collaged.  The beeswax finish altered the flower slightly...making it lighter in the upper right side.  This is because the was seeped into the collage paper and caused it to darken in the other areas.  I love when things like that happen!

I decided to try something new and make the painting available to my lovely blog and Facebook followers at a special presale price...before it's listed on Etsy next week.  Just use the Add to Cart Button above. If you guys like this idea...maybe I'll start doing that with all my originals.  What do you think?

And thanks to a wonderful email from a prospective student asking for a multiple class discount for purchasing  more than one class...I finally updated all the classes with new prices for previous students and those buying more than one class.  You can find out more about the classes here.

I also had a previous Paint Free student ask me for a badge for her site...I promise that's next on my list.  I just have to finish up the final edits on my LifeBook segment for next month.  I'm very excited about it.  And don't can still sign up for LifeBook.  I have to say it's amazing.  My dear friend Willowing has done an outstanding job that deserves a big HUGE BRAVO!!!

So, that's all the news lovely people!  Thanks so much for stopping by.

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  1. This is sweet and colorful....just happiness wrapped up in a smooth beeswax finish :)

  2. Gorgeous collage painting! Love the beeswax finish!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!
    Was so inspired by your article in Artful Blogging also. I especially connected to what you wrote about believing in positive energy attracting positive energy.
    And in your partial post, I found this particularly insightful:
    "...I've learned that good things can come from messes. It's all how you look at it."

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  3. this is the sweetest.
    i loveLOVE it!!!
    kiss. xox

  4. Waiting, waiting, waiting for your class in Life Book! ♥

  5. This new painting just makes my heart feel happy Wyanne! I love it, but then I love everything you do! Beautiful! <3


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