Wednesday, March 14, 2012

it all starts with an idea....

"Fox and the Hedgehog"
watercolor, gouache, oil pastel & ink

I've been painting like cRaZy lately!  And let me tell you it feels so good!  I remember almost a year ago thinking that I just wanted to wind things down some to be able to paint more!   I had no idea how that would be accomplished, since I do have a family to help take care of.  But...I didn't worry about the "hows" to make it happen.  And lo and behold, the Universe responding by carefully aligning all the things in my life so it happened.  Thank you Universe!

A student in Life Book and Paint Free asked me recently how much I plan out my paintings.  I thought that was a really good question.  Years ago, I remember planning almost every little detail out in a painting.  In fact, I was taught to do that in college.  Over the years, I've let that fall to the wayside.  I guess when you are first starting out, it can  be a good thing to "plan" out a painting so (as my professor would say) don't get into trouble later.  But...that take's all the fun out of it for me!  

Call me a rebellious artist...but I love getting into trouble!  

Because then I have to get out of trouble and turn something into a happy mistake!  I don't stress over it...I embrace it and make it a fun puzzle or a game that I have to figure out.  

My paintings usually start out with a rough sketch, and then I just let the painting take me where it wants to go.  

Does the painting turn out like it was originally thought up in my mind?  No.  

It usually turns out WAY BETTER than I could have ever imagined.  And I love being surprised!

Here's some of the work from the past couple of weeks, and a video too! 

"Quiet Time"
gouache,woodburning & beeswax on wood box panel

watercolor & collage on paper

"Daydream Believer"
watercolor, collage, sumi ink on wood
Original is sold

"In a world where you can be anything, be yourself"
canvas giclee
"The Wyanne Collection for Natural Life"

In other news...all of "The Wyanne Collection for Natural Life" is now in my Etsy store.  There are cute canvas giclee prints and magnets.  I love what they did with my art!  You can find the Natural Life collection here.  My Life Book segment starts next week. And yes, even though it's started can still sign up.  Click here for more info.

And wow...only 3 more months until my move to Atlanta.  I guess I should be packing.  Hmmm...packing or painting?  I choose PAINTING!  Maybe the Universe can pack up the house and studio for me?  Now that's an idea!  LOL

Love to you all!
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