Thursday, December 13, 2012

love you whales

"Love You Whales"
watercolor on handmade paper

Just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a "whale" of a holiday! Sorry...couldn't resist.  I've been keeping very busy between family holiday stuff, orders and filming the new watercolor class.  This painting is part of a new technique that I discovered and will be teaching during the workshop!  I am so excited...I didn't think I could top "Paint Free" but this class might. 

 I also had my artwork featured on the cover (and inside) of "Brainchild" magazine.

I also finished another larger painting called, "Life is But a Dream".  This painting is watercolor and collage.

"Life is But a Dream"
watercolor and collage

It was really fun!  Here's the video of the painting.  

It's daughter Logan said I never use her as inspiration for paintings anymore.  I told her that there is a part of her that makes it's way into each and every one.  She just can't see it.  :)

Next week...we head up to Louisville, KY to see my incredible sister in law and her family.  I've never been to Kentucky!  We will be back to Atlanta in time for Christmas Eve though!

So if I don't have another chance to blog before Christmas.  I hope your holiday is magical!


PS.  There has been an overwhelming response to my new watercolor class.  Thank you.  As of today, 12/13 there are a few spots left.  Click here for more info and to register!  Happy Holidays everyone!Pin It


  1. Wyanne, now that you show us a photo of Logan, I think there really is something of hers in the girl in "Life is But a Dream"!!

  2. Wyanne, I just love your new watercolor pieces. And Logan is beautiful and growing up.


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