Monday, February 18, 2013

promised land

"Promised Land"
watercolor, gouache, collage and ink on watercolor paper

"Promised Land" was a painting that I started shortly after I moved to Atlanta.  The move was a really scary time for me.  I had no idea where I would be living, or even where my studio would be.  It was also really hard to leave my friends.  At the same time...Atlanta is wonderful.  My house and studio are fantastic. I love having my family all in one place and all the modern conveniences that come from living in a large city.  So...that is a little about how this painting came to be.  I put it down for several months and then finished it for my new watercolor class.  I couldn't be more thrilled with the way that it came out!

My students in the watercolor class are truly gifted and doing some incredible work.  With their permission, I wanted to post a small sampling of their work.  

 "Signs of Spring"
 by Cat Athena Louise

by Julie Hartman

by Chau Matser

by Birdie Fincham

Their work is incredible...right?!  I couldn't be more proud.  This class has such a wonderful group of students.  They are so helpful and supportive of one another.  I'll be posting more of their photos soon.

We are in the 5th week of the class now, with the final week of lessons posted next week.  But, it's now a forever class that you can work at your own pace and have access to the information all the time.  I just felt that it was best to open the class...because there are so many times that life gets in the way for everyone.  This can work at your own pace but still have access to our Facebook and Yahoo groups.  I critique and answer questions there...and we have live chats every few weeks. can sign up here for more information.  We'd love to have you join us!

Here's a new video for the painting above, "Promised Land".  Enjoy!

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