Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Start of Something Big

"Stepping Stones"
watercolor, rice paper, acrylic

I recently had a birthday.  Not just an ordinary birthday...a big one...the kind you think of as "really old" as a kid.  I dreaded it for months...but my family and friends made sure that it was exceptional.  I love them for that!  

Now that it's over and I've reached "the other side"... I've realized that I have officially reached the "I don't give a "%$#&" stage of my life.  And let me tell's a wonderful place to be!  

So...for me...this is the start of something big.  I'm going to focus on creating art like I've never done before.  It's about getting busy and not wasting time.  I have some pretty big dreams that I want to accomplish and they will only be reached by hard work, dedication, and lots of creative play.  Expect lots of new work...especially larger pieces.

a large 24" x 30" work in progress

There will be lots of smaller works too.  

"All About the Love"

As you can's been all about the elephants lately..but not for long.  I hope you can see that a new style is emerging and I really feel that I need to dedicate the time to it.  I feel it has a lot to teach me.
"Almost Eye to Eye"

When I'm not painting...I'll be creating jewelry and getting to know Atlanta again.   It's been hard leaving all my good friends in Florida. 

It's a very scary and exciting time in my life.  There won't be any new online classes for a while.  I've already had to turn down some incredible teaching opportunities both online and in person.  My last personal small group coaching session will start April 22. (There are only a couple of spots left, click here for details)

I hope everyone will understand how important it is for me to pursue my own passion and dreams right now.  I guess it might seem selfish or foolish to some....but as I said earlier...I've reached THAT point in my that doesn't matter.

I promise to keep you posted on all my progress.

Here's to something big!


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