Monday, May 13, 2013

25% Off Sale!!!

acrylic & watercolor on wood
24" x 24"

Someone wrote me the other day and had gotten the idea from my last blog post that I was retired.  I thought it was pretty funny...since I'm working harder now than ever. 

So let me try to clarify.  I am concentrating on my art right now.  I'm building a large body of work for galleries, Etsy and my licensing contracts.  I am taking a break from developing new classes and workshops, but I am still offering classes.  My classes are ongoing so you can join any time...and I check into them regularly.  

It feels really great to devote most of my day to just painting.  I had not been able to do that on a consistent basis for a while.  

This week, there's a special sale in my Etsy store to celebrate my happy days of painting!

25% off everything...including new original paintings and classes.  At checkout, enter the code 


The code expires May 20th.  So...take a look around...I think you'll be surprised by all the new work.


PS.  Here's two new videos that you might have missed.

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