Friday, July 26, 2013

Be Love and a HAPPY SALE

"Be Love"
24" x 24" Mixed Media on Wood

Terrible...down right...pitiful blogger...I know.  I'm really sorry.  It has been a whirlwind these past few months. It's been filled with incredible highs and unfortunately...some heartbreaking lows.

In May...I lost my studio assistant.  And I do mean in...cannot dear Tokyo.   He got outside and vanished.  I know cats have been known to wander and come back home months later.  So, I haven't given up all hope.  In between the hardcore campaign to find him...there were days when I could barely get out of bed from the devastation of loss.  

And every time I went into the studio....I was just reminded.  So...I couldn't paint for weeks.  I was afraid to leave the house because someone might call that had found him.  I did get calls.  A false alarm, another trying to give me a kitten, one complaining that my kids had left a flyer in their mailbox and it was a federal offense, and a couple to tell me the coyotes are slowly decreasing the cat population within the city limits of Atlanta. :(

After a just have to let go some.  It doesn't mean you are forgetting....just allowing other things to come to the forefront of your mind and heart instead.

My fantastic friend and fellow artist, Casey Matthews asked me to house sit for her back on the island.  So of course...I took her up on it!  It was the best week of my summer so far.  Her house...just like her art is calm, peaceful and inspiring.  I took my paints with me, and a few jewelry supplies.  I didn't end up painting at all....but instead made lots of jewelry. 

Asymmetrical Blue Agate & Turquoise Necklace available at Etsy

It was so good for my soul.

I also took a trip to Nashville. was a whirlwind fun girls weekend...and I didn't have any time to create.  Just be inspired.  And there was LOTS of inspiration there!  

Prayer Wall at Philanthropy...the coolest boutique in Franlin, TN...just outside Nashville

I had a chance to go to the downtown Nashville Art Walk.  

 I am in love with Nashville!  

So then...I came home and cleaned my messy studio.  And really organized it for a change.

I started painting.  Much larger paintings than I've done in a long time.  

36" X 48" work in progress

And I decided...

And I will.

Lots of happy, happy paintings in the works!  And lots of happy elephants.  I don't know why elephants are appearing a lot in my studio lately...they just are.  

Here's a new video of my latest painting...."Be Love".

Despite all the ups and downs lately...I choose to be happy.  There is SO much to be grateful for in my life. Thank you for reading, commenting and following me here on my blog and other sites.  I am so blessed. 

 Because I'm so's a special code to use in my Etsy store for 20% off. 

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Alrighty...I'm back to painting. 


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  1. I love your website and blog. You make me smile. I love your artwork. Sorry about your kitty.

  2. Love! Love! Love! this post and your blog. So glad a stumbled upon it tonight for motivation to find my Happy" again and get back to blogging!

  3. I could watch you paint all day! Love...


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