Wednesday, April 22, 2015

new light

"New Light"
acrylic on wood
available at Etsy have permission to fall out of your chairs.  I actually blogged twice in one week!  I was actually just really excited about this finished painting. It's 14" x 14" on a wood canvas.  I'm working on my technique before I jump to the bigger canvas later today. I have a 36" x 48" primed and ready to do in the studio. So...maybe blogging is actually a way of me avoiding that huge white canvas right now.  Who knows...

You'll notice that my work is changing some.  It will still always be a tad bit whimsical...but I'm hoping to capture a delicate, feminine, mysterious side too.  When I was first diagnosed with the "Big C" everything started to look different.  It was like my eyes were opened to all the intricacies in our everyday world.  Things we take for granted. This is what I hope to capture in my paintings.  It's more of a mood, than actual representation.  I hope that makes sense. :)

Alright...enough for now.  It's time to tackle the big canvas.  More soon...I promise.


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