Friday, May 22, 2015

Everyone Likes Tom Hanks

"Everyone Likes Tom Hanks"
acrylic on wood

Wow...I posted this finished painting yesterday on my Facebook page.  And got a lot of great comments...most people wanting to know about the title. I wish I had a profound reason for the title...but it was a conversation at my house between my 14 year old future filmmaker and husband.  I overheard the conversation in my studio as I was in the early stages of the painting.  It just stuck.  For most of my paintings...vague titles seem to come early on...and as I paint..they become more apparent.  The paintings have an energy...a life...and it just tells me what to name it as I'm working on it.  Simple as that.  

The post also garnered my first negative comment...or at at least that I can a long time.  

Bravo Trevor Todd! For your totally unnecessary comment.  And for making me laugh and smile the rest of the day! 

I'm having a blast painting.  Life's too short not to have fun doing what you love!  I'm sure Ken Foster would agree.  

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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