Monday, May 11, 2015

Getting My Feet Wet & the Plunge

"She Said No French Food"
acrylic on canvas
available at Etsy

My goal for this year...of course after kick'in the "Big C's" ass...was to work on larger paintings.

Now, this was a scary task because as artists we get snug in our comfort zones.

I'd grown real comfy with my illustrative works on paper.

But, for a LONG time...even long before the "Big C"...I wanted to paint larger.

So, I  gathered up the supplies...and then I stared at them for a few weeks in my studio.

I decide an easy way to make the transition is to do smaller study works on paper, that will become larger paintings.  (Yeah...let's stay in the comfy zone a little longer).

But, then I gradually start the larger paintings...and found that it wasn't fun!  Why?  Because I was forcing it.

In frustration...I put the large canvas aside...and started a new one.

This time...I didn't have a plan...a study...or even an idea....I just let things happen.  And you know what!

Oh my god...Can I tell you...IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!

It was I can't wait to wake up in the morning and get painting fun!  I don't want to go to sleep...let me keep painting fun!

And these funky abstracts appeared.  And now...I'm totally addicted to them.

Here's a few of the latest ones.  They are are available in my Etsy store...and I've branched out to and  Actual real life galleries are next when the body of work gets a little bigger.  

"Happy With This One"
acrylic on canvas
available at Etsy

And here's a new YOUTUBE video of one!

And the finished painting...
"They Said It Couldn't Be Done"
acrylic on wood
available at Etsy

So that's it for now folks.  I'm still doing the You&Me Online class.  It's in session now, and keeping me really busy.  I put up two to three paintings a month, with videos and written text.  I talk a lot about my battle with the "Big C" and how it shaped my art.  Yes...there's even silver linings with the "Big C". You can join anytime and have forever access.  We have a lively Facebook group page too.  There's more information on it here.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day yesterday!  I had a fantastic one! They took me to the art store, showered me with some great gifts...there seemed to be an elephant theme this year...wonder why? LOL  

I'll be back with more paintings soon.


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