Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Update & Some News

"She Wants to See New Things"

I thought it was appropriate to start this blog post with my painting, "She Wants to See New Things".  I did it around 2011. It's a large piece...36" X 36".  It was for a show in Jacksonville, FL at a hair salon owned by a dear friend, and sold right away.  Unfortunately, I learned recently that the painting had been lost in a home fire.  Luckily, the clients who purchased it were not hurt physically in any way.  But, it made me extremely sad that the painting was lost forever. 

Recently, I went on a trip by myself.  An online friend asked me to tell more about the trip and why I decided to take it.  Taking a trip by yourself, might not be such a big deal for most...but it was for me.  It was the first time that I was alone, not relying on friends or family in any way since my "Big C" diagnosis. It proved to be challenging at times with communication and a feeding tube.  So, I had to prove to myself that I could do it!  I'm interested in taking some bigger trips in the future and this was a stepping stone.

While I was away...I was able to really clear my head and connect with my higher power. I made some made some major life changes that I talk about in this video for my ongoing mixed media class, You & Me.  I wanted to share the video with you.

I was really scared to make this decision.  I love teaching but I just feel it's time to step back for a while and concentrate on my work.  All my online classes have forever access and I'll still be available for all of them.  The Facebook group for my You & Me class is quite lively...and I believe that I have posted a boatload of lessons on it so far this year (80 videos presently with more to come through Nov) that it will keep everyone busy for some time.  That group is near and dear to my heart and has become my badass tribe.  The class is currently ongoing through November, but of course remains open forever.  It will be my last collaborative class.  I am doing a special promotion for the remaining 3 months it's's on sale.   We would love to have you join in!  Click here for more info!

I also have two guest spots in other classes coming up as well.  One I can't announce just yet...more info soon.  And the other is the FABULOUS Effy Wild's Radiant II Art Journal Class.  I just finished my lesson for it...and I'm very happy with it.  I really dug down deep for it emotionally...and it has some new techniques that I haven't explored previously in my other classes. Here's a sneak peek.

 I hope you will consider joining me and the other line up of great teachers.  And if you do decide...will you do me a teeny tiny favor and use this link....(It's how I get paid.) 

I think taking the classes off my shoulders for right now will free me up to maintain my blog a little better...and be better at responding to emails, Facebook notifications, etc.  I get a little bogged down right now.  :)

During my trip I was able to connect with a couple of my art crushes...other artists who I
am friends with online...but never had the opportunity to meet in person.  Here's a couple of photos.

The colorfully talented, Kecia Frazee Deveney  and the fabulous angel, Kate Thompson.  I have been a long time admirer of both of them.  Their spirit and uniqueness are such a gift to this world.  It was a dream come true for me.  

It was a little difficult for me to talk with them with my speech impediment.  Both of them could understand me most of the time... I've gotten quite good as spotting when someone is just not quite understanding me and not sure if they should say something or not.  I try to then write it down for a person.  But so much is lost in translation and emotionally it's very frustrating.  There was just so much more that I wanted to say and communicate with them...that it was a little disheartening.  

I do miss that more than anything...  

But...I decided that God gave me a gift with my art.  And although my speech is somewhat limited...I can say everything and more that I need to say with my art. 

So I begin my new journey.  Thank you all for your love and support over all the years.  


PS.  I am going to start live streams of me painting for Periscope. (If you don't know what it is...check it's pretty's the link: Click Here)  Find me there @Wyanne.  If you follow me on'll get a notification from them when I'm live. And they keep it up for a couple of days, I think. I'll also post on YouTube...but they tend to mute everything due to copyrights from my music playing in the background.  Boo...hiss....
PSS.  I'm feeding my Instagrams here to my blog.  But, if you'd rather follow me here.
PSSS.  LOL....And last but not least...Facebook.  I have a personal here.  And an art here.

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  1. So good to see an update from you. I've been so bogged down with our move that I haven't had much time to visit my favorite blogs. Good for you for taking that trip!

  2. You & Me 2015, have loved every minute of this course, the art, the music ecc, but then again lov all Wyanne art :). Hope not to get you & me withdrawal symptoms !!! :) 2016 won't be the same without it :(
    All the best sweetie with whatever you have decided to do
    hugs from Italy


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