Friday, October 19, 2007

An Old Friend is back!!!

I can't believe it! Today the postman delivered my first issue of the New Victoria magazine. Back during the summer, I got a postcard letting me know that my all time favorite magazine was coming back. Oh...I have waited for this day a long time! For years, I scoured ebay looking for back issues, only to get defeated when the bidding went sky high. Guess, there was a lot of others missing the magazine too. But, now it's back in all it's glory! What's even more spectacular is that it still looks like the original. I've only flipped through it, but it was so nice to see all the things I originally loved still there! I'm going to save it for this evening to devour over a glass of tea, and no interruptions. happy day!!! Now, if I can only get my artwork in would be even more sweet.
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