Monday, June 23, 2008

one more week.....

Just one more week until the contest drawing at noon, June 30th! If you are just tuning could win an 18" x 24" commission painting. A special custom painting just for you. Details on how to enter are below...

Meanwhile...lots of new work for you on Ebay and Etsy! I even finally made another video for you. I found some wonderful vintage wall decor birdcages at an estate sale. I took one apart, and used it for my "Captured Fairy" painting (shown above). Here's the video below:

I hope you enjoy it. Meanwhile...I'm back to work. Wine Husband and my son Luke are helping me in the studio this summer...which is SO INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC!!!! Eventually, Wine Husband will be handling all the shipments, but right now I'm having to spend a lot of time showing him how "I like it done". I never realized how set in my ways, I had become...there's another word for it...starts with an "a". I need to loosen it up's just hard when you've been doing it all yourself for 10 years. If I can let go some and let him help me more...I'll have more time to create...

Here is some of the new work at Ebay and Etsy. You can click on the image to find out more info.

Ta Ta....that's it for now junebug!



WIN A CUSTOM (you decide what you would like me to paint)
18" x 24" ORIGINAL PAINTING!!!! That's a $275 value!!!

Make any purchase between now and June 29th at midnight from Ebay , Etsy or All orders after midnight of the 29th will be considered pumpkins and not eligible. On Monday June 30th, we will have a live drawing here at the studio for the winner!'s going to be too much fun!!!

For every $20 that you spend, your name will be entered. So, if you spend $100, you'll get 5 entries! Spend over $100 and your entries are doubled!!!

Good luck! XOXOXOPin It