Friday, February 5, 2010

i believe in magic.....

I haven't painted much at all this week. I guess you could say that I'm a little stuck....almost like a writer's block. I have two paintings in the works, and can't seem to move forward with either of them. I start worrying that they won't be good enough, or the new techniques I'm trying will fail. So, I avoid painting.

Recently, Danny and I dined at my favorite restaurant in St. Augustine called The Tasting Room. We were with a large group of Danny's co-workers, all people I had never met before. During our extraordinary dinner...a magician came by to entertain us. His name was Meraux Dantes, and he called himself a Mentalist. For his first trick, he asked a gentleman in our party to think of someone famous that he would like to meet, either dead or alive. The gentleman wrote a name down on a piece of paper. Meraux was across the long table and could not see the name that was written in the dark room. After a few minutes, Meraux came up with the initials, S.L. The name the gentleman had written on the paper was Sophia Loren. Cool, huh. Then he asked Danny to think of a place that he would like to visit. Danny looked at me, and I told know where I want to go. So Danny wrote down Tokyo. Meraux concentrated and told us that he saw lots of people there, busy streets and it was very far away. Meraux wrote his answer on a piece of paper. It was Japan. I was thrilled.

Later on in the evening Meraux, the Mentalist came back. He did a trick where he deeply concentrated while holding a spoon and shaking it in quick short flicks of his hand. The spoon began to bend and eventually it broke. There were a few men at our table that put down the trick, and said it was rigged. Meraux had used his own spoon. They said you could go on YouTube and learn the trick. Meraux left our private dining room, and my heart sunk.

Meraux came back a little later. He went around the table, and collected all the silver spoons from our place settings, that had not been used. He brought them to me and asked me to pick out two. I carefully picked two spoons and inspected them closely. They were very thick silver. The lady next to me checked them also. Meraux asked me to cup my hands a few inches below the spoon. He did the same trick over. I felt my hands getting hot and then the spoon broke and fell into my hands. It was amazing. Meraux repeated the trick again with the other spoon I had picked out....and it also fell apart in front of my eyes.

Even after this incredible performance...many of the gentleman were still non-believers. But, the lady next to me and I were convinced. We looked at each other, eyes glittering with excitement, and said at the same time...I believe. And we really did.

I've been thinking about that night and the energy a lot this week as I struggled with my paintings. I, not only was entertained by Meraux...I learned a valuable lesson from him. There will always be someone, somewhere who doesn't believe in what you do. But, the trick is to always believe in yourself....because there's always going to be someone, somewhere....who believes in your magic too. So, I promise to go back to painting tomorrow...and to create my own magic.

Meanwhile...I did create. Here's some new jewelry pieces. I hope you like them. They are all available in my Etsy store, just click on the image.

After thinking about that fantastic, memorable evening all week...and the lesson that I learned from Meraux....guess what....

He sent me an email to say hello.

Now...that's magic.


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