Monday, February 15, 2010

let's have our cake & eat it too!!!!!

"But, She's Good at Math"
original painting
Lost School Girls Series

I have three very exciting things to tell you about today.

1) First, is a new original painting series called, "The Lost School Girls". The series started as a sketchbook in an old book. I find typical sketchbooks with bright white paper too intimidating. So, I use old discarded books. If I mess's okay...the book was already thrown out at one time, anyway. The girls gradually started developing their own personalities. Do you remember those girls in school who were dark and quiet, and faded into the background? I think I was one of those girls. But, you could always remember one thing about them. This is what my lost school girl series is about. I plan to keep developing this series, and will keep adding more to it. The little paintings are priced affordable and are mounted on black paper, ready to just slip into a frame. You can see more in my Etsy store, and by the prints will be made of these paintings...
"She's Scary Sweet"
original painting
Lost School Girls Series
2) The second is Free Shipping in the Etsy Store. I've always had free shipping in the United States, but now I'm offering it Worldwide. This is probably only going to be for a limited time...until my accountant slaps my hand and says I can't do it anymore. So, I hope my International friends will take advantage of it.

3) Weekly giveaways! Yes, you read that right. Starting tomorrow! Terrific Tuesday. I'll pick a giclee print or piece of jewelry that will be given away to one lucky blog reader. The print will probably be from my most current painting too! All the details will be posted tomorrow! "Pouty Girl" will probably be the first giveaway...if I finish it today. :)

So...I bet you are wondering...why is she doing this?

One word....It's because of Karma.

I'll explain more tomorrow.

"She Has Long Fingernails"
original painting
Lost School Girls Series

UPDATE: The giveaway will not be for Pouty Girl, she still needs lots of finishing work. So is there another painting that you would like to win a giclee of?
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